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ROLF Ltd. is specializing in manufacturing services in the metal industry – from design to final completion.

We provide full-scale services in the scope of metalworking such as: bending, cutting and welding with the use of the latest hi-tech equipment and optimal management of production processes.

ROLF is an innovative company combining advanced technology with over 30 years of tradition.

Our customers indicate three main benefits of cooperation with our company:

  • contribution of technological and constructive know-how in the upgrading of their projects;
  • readiness for the complex and complete realization (from A to Z);
  • partner relations leading to greater flexibility and responsiveness in satisfying their needs.

ROLF has also a capability to undertake a role general performer which includes taking overall responsibility for a given project. The technological improvements, efficient fruition of manufacturing process and dispatch of final elements – all that is done in one place.

ROLF executes large quantity orders as well as unique, single units (prototypes).

The company enables the realization of of projects of customers operating in various segments of metal industry such as:

  • designing and manufacturing of machines and devices
  • manufacturing of transport and crane equipment
  • manufacturing of railways construction elements
  • manufacturing of structures and equipment for petrochemical industry
  • manufacturing of elements and parts for automotive industry
  • manufacturing of components for shipbuilding industry
  • manufacturing of gearbox anty-theath blockades and many others.

ROLF business partners appreciate the fact that they cooperate with the company that uses an innovative technology and has an excellent organization of work. With long list of accomplishments ROLF Company won a solid position of reliable business partner.

ROLF. At the cutting edge!